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This service shall include complete 360 degree requirement for Medical check up of parents / close relatives of our NRI / RI Clients , right from Doctor's appointment till purchase of medicines , pathological test arrangements and complete reporting to our Members . In situ, video call during Doctor's check up is also possible as requested by our Members abroad ( Subject to Clinic / Hospital's Terms & Conditions ).

  • First step is to arrange a suitable date and time with a Specialist Doctor / pathological Centre as per Client's telephone request to us.
  • Arrange to collect all relevant samples from Client's residence or to make suitable travel arrangement for visiting medical Centre for the same as per guidance.
  • Necessary Coordination between Pathological Centre / Doctor and Client.
  • Hand Delivery of medical report to Client and purchase of medicines
  • Arrange necessary private transport for Doctor's visit to and fro as per Client's choice.
  • Send necessary electronic proof of relevant papers to our Clients as per our Member's guidance.

Our hourly professional assistance charge is separate from "to and fro transportation charge" of Client and cost of pathological tests / Doctor's Fees ( including any Governmental tax imposed).

We can also connect our Clients with the best medical service providers in the vicinity of their residence within Kolkata for their parents or close relatives and arrange only an appointment on their behalf.