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This service shall include 360-degree Guidance to purchase / sale, resale of real estate property, Property maintenance solutions assistance and Rent Collection assistance.

We are ready to guide our members for purchasing / reselling / selling their property in a very structured and professional manner. They can always discuss with our professionals to achieve their desired outcome with our Engineered solutions. In fact, many a times NRI personnel have higher degree technical requirement in terms of Architectural finish / Electrical Gadgets power consumption requirement / Overall arrangement / interior decorations than the regular facilities offered by Kolkata based builders. We serve to Engineer the gap between Our Members vision and their selected Builder's / Realtor's provided options.

We install our NRI Members' Kolkata home within their home @ ABROAD by selective installation of CCTV cameras@ their Kolkata residence and using suitable device networking. Thus, we have given true peace of mind @ our many members' mind.

In case, any refurbishment is required at our Member's property, we can advise in due course and complete the activity, so their stay in home town during their sojourn in India becomes hassle free and smooth.

This service will also include to maintain our Member's property with monthly normal / deep cleaning so they can step in to their cozy comfort zone after touching the soil of their home town and enjoy every moment there till they take their final flight back to abroad. We ensure regular cleaning and pest control services of our member's property under proper supervision during their absence. We also ensure member's monthly rent collection upon giving power of attorney to us and check integrity of their property by visiting @ regular quarterly interval, as advised by our members.

We ensure to send necessary electronic proof to relevant member as per Corporate policy.