These services will be provided to our high value clients only with special terms and conditions. A separate from of agreement between Company and Clients will be signed and service will be provided accordingly . Company shall accept the Client's requirement considering available resources and location of service requirement .

Emergency Services

This service shall include followings :-

a) Emergency admission of NRI person's parents / close relatives to nearby hospital and fulfilling their requirement till arrival of NRI personnel at his hometown Kolkata.

b) Immediate contact to NRI personnel in case of emergency situation with their parents at Home and keep them updated till arrival at home town.

c) We take care of any coordination with hospital authority related to admitted patients till 48 hours after informing our NRI clients.

Continuous Medical assistance

a) This service will ensure medical check of any NRI's parents / close relatives on a regular basis say weekly / fortnightly / monthly as per NRI personnel's choice of Doctor .

b) This service may also consider to arrange special physiotherapist / Nurse required at home on a regular basis based on requirement prescribed by attending Physician .

Specialised Tution / Coaching

Few NRI s might have a feeling about the competency of education standard available to their children at their Country of residence and wish to upgrade it up to best Indian standard during summer and winter vacation of schools in their country of residence.Our role will ensure to engage a properly qualified Tutor for their ward to upgrade their skill, so they do not face much difficulty to cope with Indian standards educations if situations compel them to return to hometown Kolkata, all on a sudden due to some emergency situation .

This service will guarantee to provide a quality coaching in 1 : 1 manner with a commitment to develop Child's particular academic skill within stipulated timeframe available .

Weekly Marketing / Arrangement of Home made food delivery at doorstep.

Our representatives will interface with our client over phone / personal visit to them. We shall directly satisfy Client's requirement with their choice of items and as per time schedule suggested by themselves.

Astrological Services.

We shall arrange very personalized meeting with most reputed astrologers in town and satisfy Our clients with their intended queries. We shall also supply recommended remedies by astrologers (if any )within very limited time frame during client's visit to city . Adequately Prior appointment and agreement between us and Client is must in this particular case .

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