Medical Issues

This service shall include basic bi-annual medical check up of parents / close relatives of NRI Clients.

Our professional charge does not include to and fro transportation charge of Client and cost of pathological tests including any Governmental tax imposed.

We can also connect you with the best medical service providers in the vicinity of your residence within Kolkata for your parents or close relatives / NRI personnel and arrange an appointment on your behalf.

Tax and Utility Payments

This service shall include submission of Annual Income Tax / Corporation – Municipal Tax submission / Payment regularization with Utility companies like Electricity / Telephone Provider.

Personal documents, Legal, Banking

This service shall include Preparation of Pan Card, to resolve any Passport issues, to get assistance related to Legal and ban king Service & Courier Service.

Entertainment activities

This service shall include Florist Service, Gift Delivery, Arrangement of Domestic tours within India while NRI personnel is holidaying in India.

This service cost does not include value of Gift / Floral item and tour package.

Send necessary electronic proof to relevant NRI as per Corporate policy.

Transport Service and Ticketing

This service shall include Airport Pick up and Drop off Service and Domestic air / train ticketing arrangements in most professional and economic way.

This service cost does not include cost charged by transport agency.

Real Estate Property management

This service shall include Guidance to purchase / sale, resale of real estate property, Property maintenance and Rent Collection.

We are ready to guide you for purchasing / reselling / selling your property in a very structured and professional manner. You can always discuss with our professionals to achieve your desired outcome with our engineered solutions. In fact, many a times NRI personnel have higher degree technical requirement in terms of Architectural finish / Electrical gadgets power consumption requirement / Overall arrangement / interior decorations than the regular facilities offered by Kolkata based builders. We serve to engineer the gap between your vision and your builder's provided options.

In case, any refurbishment is required at your property, we can advise you in due course and complete the activity, so your stay in your home town during your sojourn in India becomes hassle free and smooth.

This service will also include to maintain your property in a cleanly manner so you can step in to your cozy comfort zone after touching the soil of your home town and enjoy every moment there till you take your final flight back to abroad. We ensure regular cleaning and pest control services of your property under our supervision during your absence. We also ensure your monthly rent collection upon giving power of attorney to us and secured transfer to our dedicated bank account.

We ensure to send necessary electronic proof to relevant NRI as per Corporate policy.

Celebrations at home town

This service shall include arrangement of a suitable venue for Mini Get together / Major Social Function at home town.

Time management issue throws biggest challenge to most of the NRIs during their short trip to home. Most of the times they intend to meet their childhood close friends / relatives and wish to have a common get together to meet all in a single event under one roof.

Our service is limited up to finalization of contract between NRI client and relevant facility provider in town.

We also facilitate to arrange major function halls for NRIs to celebrate Marriage / similar Important social functions. Our service is limited up to finalization of contract between NRI client and relevant facility provider in town.

Car Registration

Our NRI clients might require to renew their private Car's registration or start registration to their newly purchased car's. They may need to interact with the car dealers to purchase a new /pre owned car for their family members use, who are staying in India. Even on time road tax payment to vehicle authority is an important activity. We will assist our NRI clients to complete all necessary process while our clients are away from home town.

Unique Dress Design

Every person in this world is conscious about his or her outfit today. Our good old proverb says "Appearance is first and performance comes last. Our ultramodern fashion designers are available to showcase yourself in more attractive manner either in your regular workplace or at any social gathering. We remain committed to set up your appointment with those innovative fashion designers in our city of joy.

Religious and Ritual Activities

This service shall include engagement of a Ramakrishna Mission Priest and completion of Ritual activities including Religious session of Bhagavad Gita as desired by Our Clients.

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